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Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Clube18Plus is a non-profit organization whose vision is to transform the lives of women, youths, and children who will in turn transform their communities using the best available means. We initiate and sustain deliberate activities designed to expose people and connect them to sustainable development and a healthier lifestyle.

This we also do to transform lives by connecting people through hands-on training, public dialogues, networking systems, discussion, talk shows, and programs that aim at improving the social and economic wellbeing of the individuals and communities.

Uganda is one of the sub-Saharan African countries with the youngest population and highest unemployment rate (83% population Action International, 2019). The reason is attributed to the disconnect between education and skill development for gainful employment or sustainable wealth creation skills for the youths and women. Life expectancy in Uganda is put at 42.59 years and this is because of poverty and an unhealthy lifestyle. Club18plus identified several communities in Uganda where there is an urgent need to fill the gap between education, skill acquisition, and wealth creation, helping to eliminate poverty and connecting people to a healthier and wealthier sustainable lifestyle.

Our History

Helping others is not a job, it is a calling

  • Mission

    Connecting people and sharing positive self and societal developmental ideology and knowledge footprints in wide perspective.

  • Vision

    A healthier, wealthier and connected society. Also to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry and opportunity to attain an excellent education.

  • Support

    The orphans and vulnerable children with education scholastic materials, healthcare, school fees & also improve their nutrition by also supporting their households

  • Volunteer

    Join us today for incredible and lifechanging opportunity to make a difference through changing the lives of others.

Our Team

This wonderfull people make it all possible

Prof Mrs Ijeoma Anumaka

Prof Mrs Ijeoma Anumaka

Executive Director
Pastor & Executive Director Club18 Plus & International Women of Victory
Dr Patrick Ogwel

Dr Patrick Ogwel

Board Chairman
Board Director & Adviser Club18Plus & International Women of Victory
Dr Kazibwe Sophia

Dr Kazibwe Sophia

Exec. Director
Member Board of Director Club18Plus & International Women of Victory

You Can Trust Us

We are not in for income. We are here for outcome